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Welcome to Reiki Way

Welcome to Reiki Way

Welcome to Reiki WayWelcome to Reiki Way

Local Mini Retreat Details - March & May Retreats

Upcoming Retreats: Weds, Mar 11 - 2 spaces left and Weds, May 20 - 5 spaces left

Three local business women joined together over two years ago to create a restorative retreat experience just for you. Jen Murray, Centre Yoga, Lee Kouyoumdjian, Relax Massage and Lucy McCarthy, Reiki Way will offer meditation, yoga, massage and reiki for a refreshing and relaxing mini retreat.  Gift certificates are available.

Where: The Mansion - Centre Yoga, 187 Lake Street, Peabody. 

Experience and enjoy the beautiful spring views of Suntaug Lake.

When: Now offering two March Retreats and May Retreats 

Sunday, March 1 from 11:45 am to 3:15 pm - Sold out  

Wednesday, March 11 from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm - Sold out

Wednesday, May 20 from 10:30 am to 2:15 pm - 2 spaces left

The Flow:
Welcome Circle
Meditation & Breathing
All Levels Flow Yoga
Reiki Circle
Homemade healthy spa lunch & snacks
Restorative Yoga
Closing Circle
      -Massage or Reiki sessions will be offered at your scheduled time.

Some Mini Retreat feedback from our guests: 

•The Mini Retreat is the greatest gift that I give myself to relax, release what no longer serves me and re-boot with a renewed focus on what is most important.

-Elyse, Bella's Floral Design, MA

•The Mini Retreat is a wonderful time to rejuvenate your body and soul without the distractions of life.  -Donez, Medford, MA 

•It was a deeply peaceful day that was much needed to slow my hurried mind.  The leaders were warm and compassionate and made the day simply magical.  

It was a perfect day of relaxation and community. - Sue, Lynnfield, MA 

•This is my third Mini Retreat facilitated by three very talented, amazing and inspiring women - Lucy, Jen and Lee!  The Mini Retreat helps me develop my healing and energy potential and deepens my connection with Reiki,  Yoga practice and massage.  I always come away feeling rejuvenated, healthier, and full of vitality!  Even days after the mini retreat, I still feel grounded and centered despite the usual stresses of life.  I would highly recommend the Local Mini Retreat for anyone looking for reiki, yoga, massage, affirmation, self-refection, peace and fun! - Kim, Georgetown, MA 

•I have been participating in the wellness retreats over the past year on multiple occasions.  The retreats are transformative.  I walk away with peace of mind, clarity and balance which is critical for my wellness and navigating the stress of corporate life.  During the retreats, Lucy, Lee and Jen, introduce several modalities and practical ideas on daily habits that support life balance leading to a sustainable wellness program!  I am looking forward to the next retreat! -Stephanie, Sudbury, MA 

The retreat is suitable for all levels. This will be a small group setting with limited registration. For additional information, fees and registration contact Lucy McCarthy at lucy@myreikiway.com or call/text 781 929 7813.

If you are interested in the above retreat options and prefer a private retreat for your upcoming personal or business event, contact Lucy to discuss customized retreat package options.  Our team will work to create your perfect wellness experience. 

Retreat hosts: Jen, Lucy & Lee

Retreat hosts: Jen, Lucy & Lee